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Something New…

I just posted for the first time in Facebook Group Virtual Haiku as I always like to do something new in January, following on from the New Year. This is what I shared with them: How about you? Are you starting … Continue reading

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Dreams of Future Christmases

Carousel of light, a humming, spinning top delights with childhood memories….  

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In Response to ‘The Windhover’ by Gerard Manley Hopkins

A Spiritual Flight, A Vision – An Awakening   The flight of many memories emerging merci- fully, within the realm of daylight, dawn, and daybreak, to drift, and glide before the rolling hills and meadows, across a chessboard, chequered with herds of … Continue reading

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Eva’s Dreams: “What would Bob say?”

  “I think the truly natural things are dreams, which nature can’t touch with decay.” Bob Dylan Eva: “Live for dreams.”

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What Does It Mean To Belong?

Belonging Blogging about my writing group, and being part of a community of writers has made me think about what it means to belong. Clearly, we humans are a social breed. We’re stronger together, yet there are still those who will … Continue reading

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Dreams: The Final Part

“This is what I will do in the last days, God says: I will pour out my Spirit on everyone. Your sons and daughters will proclaim my message; your young men will see visions, and your old men will have … Continue reading

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Dreams Part 4

What is real? What is imagined? Am I real? Or an illusion? Do I dream? Or create false memories? Just dream!

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