A-Z of Cardiff – F is for St Fagans …

A truly magical place after Christmas ❤

We Are Cardiff

Writer Katie Hamer is busily discovering parts of the city and revealing them through her We Are Cardiff series, the A-Z of what makes Cardiff special to her. She’ll be sharing the parts of the city she finds with you over the following weeks, so stay tuned!

Rhyd-Y-Car Terrace, originally built c.1795 Rhyd-Y-Car Terrace, originally built c.1795


F is for (St) Fagans

There are three places for which I will always find time to take an annual pilgrimage. These three places are the Eden Project in Cornwall, the grounds of Cliveden in Berkshire, and St Fagans’ National History Museum in the heart of Cardiff.

I thought I was fairly clued up about this open-air museum until my most recent visit last week. I got chatting to a couple of Australian tourists, who posed a relatively simple question to me: “So, why’s it called St. Fagan’s?” They were clearly very puzzled, and I was completely stumped.

On the off…

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About Katie Hamer

I am a writer, an artist, a photographer, philosopher, interior designer, listener, and explorer.
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