November 11th Colour Art

This is my seventh post about inspirations in art.

Yesterday, I studied the art of Claude Monet, the defining artist for the French Impressionists; today, I shall refer to the most famous of all the Post-Impressionist painters, Vincent Van Gogh (b. 1853-d. 1890).

There’s little doubt as to Van Gogh’s genius, although sadly, his art is often over-shadowed by his violent and tormented existence. He is infamous for the mental illness that caused him to cut of an ear, and which led to his eventual suicide.

Van Gogh, despite his immense talent, remains a controversial figure unto this day. One picture that particularly divided opinion is his ‘Sunflowers’, because of its deceptive simplicity and high market value. It’s this painting that I refer to for this exercise.

My inspiration for drawing this masterpiece came from a soft toy sunflower given to me on my twentieth birthday by two good friends, Emily and Tessa, whom I spent a lot of time with while studying art at Chelsea College in the early nineties.

So, my final piece has some of the context of the original painting but with the characterisation of the soft toy, and the result is therefore unique to my style.

Thanks for reading. I hope you like looking at my gallery.

Reproduction is ‘Sunflowers’ (127 j.peg, sourced from Wikimedia Commons)







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