November 9th Colour Art

This is my fifth daily post about inspirations in art.

Yesterday, I focused on Georges Braque, one of the main Cubist painters; today, I have moved on to another French Artist, Paul Cézanne (b. 1839 – d. 1906).

Cézanne is monumental in art – his paintings provide the link between the 19th Century Impressionist artists, such as Monet, Renoir and Degas, and the 20th Century artists involved in Cubism, namely Picasso and Braque.

It’s quite something to witness how Paul Cézanne’s art evolved over a lifetime dedicated to art. In the early days, his style was very much influenced by the tastes of his mentor, Camille Pissarro, an artist devoted to the French Impressionist movement. Over time, his style became looser, more abstract, although he always felt a frustration at not being able to translate nature onto canvas as perfectly as he would have liked.

It’s the latter stages of these artistic innovations that inspire/influence me the most – when he finally reached the point where his art could be described as a predictor for the Cubist movement.

It’s at this point that his forms became solid and cylindrical, rhomboid interpretations rather than literal represenations, although their origins in still life, figure drawing and landscape, are still plain to see.

The picture that has inspired me to create is Montagne Sainte-Victoire (1904), a painting which is held in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The actual picture I ended up producing is quite different from the original artwork. The reason being, I decided to base it on a photo I have of the Sugarloaf Mountain in Abergavenny, and then, on an impulse, I added a sunset.

The end result is very colourful, vibrant, as you will see below.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery. 


‘Montagne Sainte-Victoire’ (1904) by Paul Cézanne 108.jpg sourced from Wikimedia Commons.


Sugarloaf Mountain, Abergavenny, South Wales.


A re-interpretation of the above using the ‘Typic’ app.


My original drawing.


A monotonal version of my picture.


Same picture, with added shading.

IMG_1644 (1)

Same picture, with a ‘photos’ filter applied.


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