Fear of the Dark

A minor diversion from NaNoWriMo. My second short story for Short Fiction Break. So, who’s afraid of the dark?

Short Fiction Break

Staying with her Grandparents would be an adventure according to Mum. Lottie wasn’t so sure. Shivering in the dark, she pulled her toys closer as the old house creaked. Not for the first time, she wished her Mum could be with her now.

“It’ll only be for a few days.” Mum had said, as she gently teased the tangles out of Lottie’s copper curls. Lottie loved being in her Mum’s bedroom. Sitting on her plush dressing table stool in front of her gilded three-sided looking glass made her feel like a queen. She loved to play with her jewelery that twinkled and caught the light.

Mum hadn’t been herself lately. She’d been eating all sorts of strange things including pickled eggs, and raw fish. Just last week she’d come home with a jar of what looked like grapes. Mum had handed Lottie one on a fork, and she’d taken a…

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About Katie Hamer

I am a writer, an artist, a photographer, philosopher, interior designer, listener, and explorer.
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