Day 12 – How blogging helped me to discover…

…places on my doorstep


One of a series of wood sculptures on a trail in Bute Park, Cardiff

Places I never imagined existed

I never expected blogging to lead me down unexplored avenues, but this is what happened when I started collaborating for We Are Cardiff, a website for and about the people of Cardiff.

How is it possible that I had left so much unexplored?

I’d lived near Cardiff for nearly a decade, yet there was still so much I hadn’t seen. Blogging for We Are Cardiff gave me the opportunity to explore these places.

I had heard that they were looking for bloggers on Twitter. Contacting them was the catalyst for my A-Z series about people and places that make the city special; a project that will take me a year to complete.

So, what have I discovered so far?

I have discovered history, music and even fictional characters on my doorstep. For instance, I never knew that author Roald Dahl had grown up in Cardiff.

One of my favourite discoveries so far is a trail of quirky sculptures in a park near to Cardiff Castle. I spent a couple of hours weaving in and out of thickets of trees in order to search out the sculptures.

These sculptures draw upon myths and legends, and celebrate the magic of the ever-changing landscape. There are twenty in total, and I managed to find fifteen. So, still more to explore even now!



Thanks for reading.

About Katie Hamer

I am a writer, an artist, a photographer, philosopher, interior designer, listener, and explorer.
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