The Lord’s Prayer



The Lord’s Prayer – A Summary of Faith

I recently heard The Lord’s Prayer read at the funeral of a close relative, an experience which touched me deeply. Following this moment of reflection, I took it upon myself to memorise it. You cannot take possessions with you when you die, but I can keep this prayer close to my heart.

We are just a week away from Easter Sunday. At Easter, we are reminded of the redemptive power of Jesus’s greatest sacrifice. Christianity teaches us, that through his suffering and death, there is the promise of a new life. Also with Easter taking place in Spring in the UK, there are signs of rejuvenation and renewed hope everywhere you look.

For me, the Lord’s Prayer is the most significant statement in a religion that teaches forgiveness, acceptance, and love in equal measure. Those simple words, deceptively simple, are often chanted parrot-like, with no thought as to their deeper meaning. For me, every word, simple as it may seem, can be mulled over, like a rosary beed. Every sentence has the power to heal. Here’s why:

The Lord’s Prayer reminds us to show respect for God, the Father, who created the heavens and the earth. It is also a reminder to follow his commandments. People often ask why God would let bad things happen. The answer is simple: He has given us the greatest and most challenging gift of all, free will.

‘Give us this day our daily bread’. I take this to mean the food, shelter, and love that we need for day-to-day survival. This is followed closely by a request for forgiveness, and also a reminder that this comes at a price: we must show a willingness to forgive others.

‘Lead us not into temptation’. In the internet world, temptation is all around us. A prayer such as this reminds us of what should be our greatest priority in life, namely the role we play in our communities, and for the people who rely on us the most. I don’t believe Jesus intended to suggest that God would deliberately lead us into temptation, rather it is a plea to provide us with the strength to face whatever obstacles life throws at us.

Finally, it is a reminder that God is the first, the last, the always, the one constant in the universe. If we follow His commandments, we will always be part of that universe.

Have you been touched by the healing power of the Lord’s Prayer? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading.


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