Reasons to be Thankful – Part One


This weekend is Thanksgiving in America. I’d like to share with you my biggest reason for being thankful.


I’m thankful for my own health, but even more so, for that of my husband. It’s really hard to write this, but three years ago, I nearly lost him.

Looking back, the signs were there, even before he was diagnosed. He had pains in his knees, and was struggling to walk short distances. Other signs that something was wrong were that he was frequently out of breath, and kept falling asleep during the day. He’d lost his joie de vivre.

I didn’t know what to do to help him. He didn’t seem to want to help himself. What added to my frustrations, was that he said he was going to give up smoking, and then didn’t.

In October 2010, we were sitting outside a bar in Portugal, when Steve lit up a cigarette. I was so annoyed with him, because he hadn’t given up. What he told me then, dismayed me: “I feel as if my best years are behind me.” My response was: “You’ve no idea how hard it is for me to hear you talk like that.” Just months later, he was hospitalized with what turned out to be a major heart attack.

Not good (God, what an understatement), but it marked a turning point. Steve had two stents fitted, and went cold turkey for smoking, due to being in hospital. His hospitalistion was to mark the beginning of his return to health.

Looking at him now, you’d never guess he had ever been ill. He got his spark, and energy back, and is now fitter than he’s been in years. Seeing him fighting back to health made me appreciate the strong person I married.

I’m not glad my husband had a heart attack, but I’m relieved the doctors found out why he had lost his vitality. As my husband put it: “They fixed the parts that were wrong with me.”

His illness marked a turning point. It’s no understatement to say, I felt like I had got my husband back. To be on the verge of losing your spouse, and then to have them returned to you, in almost full health, nothing can feel more miraculous.

I can also never express enough thanks, to the British Heart Foundation nurses, who initiated my husband’s rehabilitation. They are the reason I volunteer for the BHF, and will continue to do so, for as long as I can make a valuable contribution. My charity work ensures they continue to help people in my husband’s position.

Thank you for reading. What reasons do you have for being thankful? Feel free to share!

About Katie Hamer

I am a writer, an artist, a photographer, philosopher, interior designer, listener, and explorer.
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4 Responses to Reasons to be Thankful – Part One

  1. Juliet says:

    I have always been really thankful that I have a wonderful daughter like Katie xx

  2. Chris says:

    Same here, Kate. I’ve been copying home videos for Tish’s Nona and Kier, to include everything where Tish appears. One of these is, of course, your wedding and I watched the whole of that last night. What a lovely, happy time that was and I hope you and Steve will have many, many Happy Anniversaries to recall that day together.

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