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Reasons to be Thankful – Part Four

Blogging A special big Thank You to everyone who has followed my creative writing over the last few months. Your continued interest is very much appreciated, as I grow in confidence with blogging. My pre-New Year’s Resolution is to invest … Continue reading

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See Both Sides

East Side and West Side, My mission is to explore Both sides of the Wall.   My freedom to cross The once guarded barricades With spray cans, no guns.

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Reasons to be Thankful – Part Three

Music After writing, and friendship, music is my next great joy in life.  You can never underestimate the power of song to tug at your emotions. “Killing me Softly”, sung by Roberta Flack, is one fine example of how music … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of a Dream

I tiptoe tentatively, back stretched, arms reaching up. The music is floating, mesmerising me. I am ensnared in a field of light, featherlike. As if in a trance, I spread my finger tips, balancing an imaginary sphere, a bubble of … Continue reading

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Reasons to be Thankful – Part Two

  Friendship I’m thankful for friends who not only accept me for who I am, but who also challenge me to be be more myself. They care enough to shoulder my problems, and don’t just want to share the best, brightest … Continue reading

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Bravely                   Leading                   Airbourne                      Cruising                 … Continue reading

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Fowey Revisited

Dream of du Maurier, On the far coast of Cornwall, Clear water, grey sky. I conjure up Rebecca As she sails out to sea.

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